If you have a housing issue such as you are a tenant who is faced with a housing matter, we can advise you. We can advise you in homelessness, repossession or eviction matter.

If you are a tenant against whom an anti-social behaviour action is being taken by the local council, we can help you. You can also contact us if you have other issues such as housing disrepairs or being harassed by a landlord.

Tenants related services include:

  • Defending possession claim/eviction & bringing a counter claim
  • Bringing a claim for unlawful and disrepair eviction
  • Applying for Injunction against harassment and unlawful eviction by landlord
  • Defending an ASBO injunction
  • Protecting a closure order
  • Unfair terms contract
  • Security of tenure
  • Tenancy Deposit Issue

Landlord related services include:

  • Defending claims for disrepair
  • Defending unlawful eviction claims/injunction
  • Service of Notice seeking possession
  • Repossession and representation at Court
  • Mortgage arrears possession/Eviction
  • Service Charge Dispute
  • Rent arrears issues

Homelessness related services include:

  • Homelessness applications
  • Judicial Review to secure temporary accommodation
  • Reviews against Council decisions
  • Appeal to the county court
  • Debt


We offer advice, if you have issues such as mortgage arrears, council tax arrears, household bills arrears, bank loans or credit cards. We can help you by advising you on Court procedure, bankruptcy and bailiff visit. Rest assured that the people who owe money also have legal rights which are protected and you should not be persuaded to enter in consolidate loan agreement with huge interest cost and management fees.

We offer services at hourly rates and fixed fee basis.

  • Lindsey Haghes
    Michelle has been a big help in supporting me through my claim process. She has explained the legalities and have been very patient through a very difficult time for me.
    Lindsey Haghes
  • Steve Warlow
    The solicitor gave me very valuable free advice as to whether I may have a claim or not and spent time with me going through legalities to make sure I understood what needed to be done going forward. I really appreciate the advice and felt confident to proceed with Clyde Solicitors.
    Steve Warlow
  • Jackie Fallon
    I was called multiple times by other companies and felt hassled, some companies even lied about the process to try signing me up. I waited, and eventually called Clyde, spoke to professional staff who empathised and talked me through the process.
    Jackie Fallon
  • Ian S
    A friend recommended Clyde and I'm glad I went with them. Advice was clear and timely and all reasonable options were explored to the end of the claim process. A good outcome was achieved and a reasonable fee was charged and paid.
    Ian S
  • Kim W
    I would highly recommend Clyde Solicitors. The level of service was very professional, always available to talk, efficient and understanding. Quotes for work were accurate with no surprise invoices. An extremely honest and hard working organisation.
    Kim W
  • Sophia P
    Clyde Solicitors is a highly professional and helpful firm and it was very comforting to have such a tremendous team of ladies behind us when we had a BIG and pressing problem, Thank you again!
    Sophia P