Asylum & Human Rights

Our expert immigration solicitors can advise you on international protection law and the claim based on it. You can consult us, if you have an asylum case or have a claim for discretionary leave to remain.

If you are fleeing your country of origin and you can’t seek protection of your country of origin due to fear (threat) based on your race, religion, nationality, political opinion or due to membership of a particular social group, you can seek international protection. International protection can only be claimed once you reach the United Kingdom. You have to substantiate your claim for internal protections. We at Clyde Solicitors specialise in asylum matters and can advise you on the supporting evidence required for the claim. We can represent you in Asylum Claim.

There are instances when you don’t qualify for asylum, but you can be eligible for grant of Humanitarian protection or discretionary leave to remain. For instance, this may be the case if you have a claim based on any ground other than race, religion, nationality, political opinion or member of a particular social group. We can assist you in that and can represent you in seeking a right to remain.

If, on your arrival, you make a claim at the port of entry, you can contact us and we will take over the matter and will represent you. Even if you are in immigration detention or have been apprehended by immigration enforcement and you have a claim, you can contact us to seek advice and representation in an emergency.